A striking ETSY post!

I love browsing through the infinite creative abyss that is ETSY. So many ideas, artists, designers, crafters, creators, inventors, shoppers, resellers and collectors - it is a place one may easily spend countless hours drooling over colors, materials and original ideas!
I found the above posted image today and love its color, attitude and fun! Perhaps I have never seen such large earrings! Oh my, work it girl!


New Studio!

I recently moved to a new studio space within the Switchyard Studio Warehouse in Southeast Portland. I am no longer crouching over my knots and beads under lamps clamped to the top edge of the 5'8" walls built by the previous artist. Today I spent all day in the studio with not one lamp turned on. I felt peaceful sitting by the window in natural light, no longer feeling disconnected from the outside world.
The framed painting on the left of this photo montage is hanging on a wall Noah and I built. Well, we used the wooden easel made from 2' x 4's also built by the previous artist in my former space as the frame for the wall. We then bought more wood and a 4' x 8' sheet of drywall, which we cut into smaller sections and screwed onto the wooden frame. It was good practice for what might be an up and coming project - building a wall to close our space from the communal area. I share this space with another artist, a painter. Her space is in the background on the right of the picture.
After a full day in the studio, I feel worn out, but definitely fulfilled by my productivity. I have a three day holiday fair in about a month and the Portland Saturday Market.
Here are some photographs of some recent pieces.