Buckman Art Show & Sell

Fun and success at the Buckman Art Show & Sell!
Thank you Buckman students, faculty, volunteers and coordinators! I bought three pieces of student art, a pin for someone special (you'll know who you are soon enough), and hand drawn card for someone funny (you will always know soon) and a lavender eye pillow for myself - ahhhhhh!
There are many things that I love about participating in local craft shows; i love seeing and interacting with returning customers and meeting new ones, catching up with artists and designers I met at previous shows, trading artwork, and knowing that my work will help young artists grow (30% of sales are going to Buckman School, K through 5th grade).
Shout out to some of my favorite artists and people!
Lolly Jamerson
Jill Bliss
Brook Tuveson of Brooklyn Blue Jewelry
Talia Jewelry Design
Tasi Designs
Cathy Pitters of Bossanova Baby
Christopher Bibby
Jo Brody
Susan Freedman
Jennifer Mercede