Color, Light & Fun!

Feels like Summer is just about here and I've got a fun line up -

The Portland Saturday Market all season long
Urban Craft Uprising Summer Show, Seattle, Washington July 9 & 10
Gresham Art Walk, Gresham, Oregon July 16
Art in the Park, Boise, Idaho September 9-11!

And I'd like to add many many bike rides, trips to Colorado, Cleveland, New York and who knows where else! Work hard, play harder, right? Lucky me my work is also part of my play!

I spent today making macrame rings. I've noticed that many guys really love my rings, but can never find one that fits - I need to make some larger! So, I've been knotting away with the goal of providing a ring for all sized fingers, and men and women.

I thought I'd share some images of my ring-making process. My favorite part of making rings is playing with endless color combinations. It really is a study in color theory.

And here is a photograph of my lovely studio with my new plants. Well, plants from my preschool classroom, which were well cared for by my students and now sit in my studio soaking up the sun, reminding me of all the fun and sweetness I experienced while teaching this past year. Oh, bittersweet! Miss those kids!