Spring Projects & Events

Oh beautiful and inspiring Spring! 

The intoxicating floral breezes are triggering my creative spirit
I am once again a busy bee 

AMiRA jewelry can now be found in new stores here in Portland and beyond!
One of the local favorites, Presents of Mind, has picked up the collection and it has been well received!  Union Rose in Montavilla, a charming store in a charming little neighborhood of North East Portland, also stocks my colorful and fun pieces!

Other new locations include:

Heritage Dry Goods
1720 Santa Ana Ave, Ste B
Costa Mesa, Ca.  92627

Delta Workshop
2598 21st St. 
Sacramento, CA 95818 

.... and more coming soon!



I'm honored to be working with Shanley Knox, CEO and founder of NAKATE, a Brooklyn-based company that provides unique designs from Ugandan artisans to fashion conscious women. NAKATE uses the creation of their pieces as an opportunity to establish relationships connecting Ugandan professionals and artisans with marginalized women in rural villages – using African talent to nourish African growth and development.

We have teamed up to create an exclusive Mother's Day gift in a variety of colors using macrame techniques, metalwork, and handmade paper beads crafted by female artists in Uganda.  
I love the union of two cultures being expressed here, the Argentine traditions of macrame and the African recycled paper beads.  In fact, this project represents even more with AMiRA jewelry working out of Portland Oregon and NAKATE running operations out of Brooklyn New York, we have brought together coasts and countries to support women everywhere!!!


New Projects + Talent + Working Together


Fab.com SALE starts in 2 days!

SALE @ Fab.com

Fab.com SALE starts in 2 days and you don't want to miss it!  

We are featuring many new designs at super discounted prices!  
AMiRA jewelry is featured in The Latin Design Shop on fab.com with many other wonderful designs and products inspired by Latin and South America.  

Full of color, life and brilliance, these pieces warm the soul!