Summer Styles

Hand painted and hand cut canvas circle earrings on sterling silver chain and ear wires. These earrings are lightweight, fun and fresh. Miniature paintings dangling from your earlobes!

I am currently working on some new canvas necklace designs. The necklace above is one of my favorites. Gypsy Style!
Delicate. Simple. Elegant. Mini canvas circles on antique brass with Calcite dangle attached with hand formed and filed sterling silver wire work. I am enjoying filing metal wire to create a more raw, matte and unfinished surface.

My goal this summer is to experiment a bit with my jewelry lines and paint. As soon as I wrote that sentence I thought, "two months off of teaching is not enough time!!!!!" But an artist has his or her entire life to work - its an ongoing living, breathing entity, an artist's body of work. I sometimes stress on time lines, deadlines, lines binding to time, but great work was never made in a day or two. Ongoing... Everything an artist sees affects his or her work. An artist is never not working.

I will be participating in some summer fairs, too! Of course, there is the Portland Saturday Market, and then I've got First Thursday in the Pearl July 1st, The Mississippi Street Fair July 10th, The Gresham Art Walk July 17th, First Thursday August 5th and The Hawthorne Street Fair August 15th. What a summer!
Hope to see some of you at one of these family friendly events!
Who loves the sun?!?!?! I do, I do!
Ciao for now!


  1. THANKS AMIRA MEDNICK ! I really liked the summer jewelry styles. All Jewelry is so good. The necklace with Gypsy Style is looking amazing..liked it.
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  2. I think this is something that looks very stylish beautiful necklace.

  3. Nice design! I really love it.