Experience. Exploration. Documentation.

I have been exploring the use of metal in my work more and more this year.  I really enjoy the process and aesthetic of transforming a piece of silver, brass or gold to achieve a certain quality that compliments my knotted macrame pieces.  The experimentation continues....and I feel, now more than ever, capable to create designs and ideas sketched in my notebook. 

Its a beautiful thing being able to evolve through learning, playing and just going for it!!  

Here are some recent images from the Bend Fall Festival in Bend Oregon.  It was a lovely weekend with many families, artists, great musicians, food, and beautiful weather.

I enjoyed interacting with my customers and fellow artists.  Each show is such a different experience and I love the surprise of what I might learn and who I might meet...I am fortunate.

Our photo shoot with Street Shutter Photography and model, Melanie Ooi, was such a success and so much fun.  Here are just a few of my favorites.  It was a nice collaboration between three artists with different tastes and ideas.


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