New Identities

Just this past September I got married!  And, with marriage comes a new sense of identity.  Its been pretty interesting replying to people when asked the question, "what is your name?".  Being a liberal, open minded individual - a free thinker - I decided that changing my name is just as empowering, if not more, than keeping my identity linked to my dad's family.  It is a little sad to think about a literal and visual record of breaking ties with my dad's roots, but the connection, of course, lives on.  I do have to admit that I might have and continue to be experiencing a little bit of "staking my ground", "standing tall" as an individual, as the name change settles in.  With marriage comes the beauty of forever knowing you have allowed yourself to give and receive love, respect and joy in balance with another human being.  With marriage, and its unifying nature, also comes the struggle and challenge to maintain an individual identity.  We are, after all, human and this basic aspect of our existence makes us unique, each and everyone of us.  So, how do you balance your uniqueness with your union to another?  The answer is lifelong and interesting (I imagine and hope), and brings change in great ways to a life that once seemed "right", but now seems capable of improvement, as we all are, most of the time.

So, my new identity as Amira Axe, and not Amira Mednick, and my new website, www.amirajewelry.com, makes me feel proud and strong, within grasp of my life just enough to direct the show, and, to feel free enough to let things ride out.  I have chosen a partner who reminds me everyday how love, life and truth are beautiful and often overlooked and taken for granted.  Thank you, Noah. I love you.

I'm curious to hear how marriage as affected your lives?


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