Almost 11 Months

In ten days I will be going home. I almost erased "home" and retyped Connecticut, because my home is now in Portland, Oregon and has been for almost eleven months. The apartment I am sitting in feels like home. It is comfortable, decorated with our photographs, settled in. Home really is wherever Noah and I are together. Yes, thats sweet, I know. But, I really began writing about home because a lot has happened since we left our parents' basement and spare bedroom. The just over a week visit with my family is beginning to feel like a race. So much to say, so many hugs to give and receive, so many different locations. But, I really began writing about home because I feel proud. Despite my moments of insecurity, feelings of not achieving my goals or falling short of success, and admiring (envying) the accomplishments of others, I know that I am doing great, that we are doing great! Life...

My life consists of a few things at this moment. Sharing my life with Noah, teaching preschool, and spending time creating jewelry in my studio. Yes, I have a studio! I love it! I could spend every day, every week, every month there. Well, maybe not, but my point is that I love having my own space to create freely.

My studio is currently covered in fabric scraps. I finally jumped into my plastic bin of old clothes and recycled fabric from SCRAP to create some necklaces I've wanted to attempt for quite some time now. I also just finished 6 bracelets using macrame, braided fabrics, leather, feathers, snaps and stones! Oh my they are fun!

My only fear at this moment is that I may not be able to create every design that enters my mind. Lack of time.

Good night!

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