Tomorrow is Monday. On Friday night, I sent out more than ten emails, with photographs, describing my jewelry to various Art and Craft Museums across the country. And now I wait. I am still waiting for the buyer at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to write me regarding the samples I sent her upon her request. The ball is rolling. This is a very exciting time.

The Saturday Market has opened for its 2010 season, but I am waiting until April to begin my season for it is still quite chilly out and I am still quite in need of my creative studio weekends. I have been very busy making new pieces, new designs and working with new materials.

I will soon finish a canvas collection for the fabulous Tender Loving Empire, a funky store and recording label in NW Portland, which will be moving to a hot new location next to the Radish Underground and near Powell's on Burnside. I slightly altered my circle canvas earrings by using very small circles that float and dangle of shimmery sterling chain. They remind me of fish scales!

Upcoming goal? Take a silversmith class. I am eager to start forming my own silver pieces to use with macrame, leather, canvas, fabric, stones and more!
Variety is the spice of all life!

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  1. The blog looks great. It's always an exciting feeling when everything's out there and you're waiting to hear back. Good luck with everything!