A Day in Wonderland

We spent yesterday afternoon in the Gorge hiking up to Angel's Rest view point, a three sided vista allowing an all encompassing view of the Gorge and beyond. It was a 4.6 mile round trip hike, moderate in difficultly and breathtaking in beauty. Because of a 1991 wildfire, the hike guides you through several varying patches of forest separated by open areas offering expansive views of the Gorge as you ascend to the top. My favorite part of hiking in the Gorge is the light. It creeps through the dense forest and delicately paints itself on new leaves, moss covered branches and rocky formations. It is is truly a magical place and only about 35 minutes from our home!


  1. nice pics, nice hike. Amira, your blog looks great!!

  2. Hi Amira...I have just joined your blog, and wanted to say i have loved reading your archive, your photos are amazing and your site is beautiful!! I have my eye one of your pieces and my birthday is coming up!!! Your life is so interesting right now and i look forward to following your journey. Good Luck X