Custom Orders

This past weekend marked the beginning of my 2010 season as a vendor at the Portland Saturday Market. While the build up was an intense mix of stress and excitement, it felt good being back under my pop-up tent surrounded by new displays, new pieces, new faces and even some familiar ones.
On Sunday, after a slow period, as sells tend to occur in waves, I heard a very relieved voice, "Amira! I found you!" A returning customer all the way from Wisconsin, here in Portland visiting her brother, had been searching for me at the Market. She visited my booth last summer and had asked me to create a custom made pair of earrings. Well, she was very happy to see me and inform me of the loads of compliments she receives every time she wears those earrings. This time around, my devoted customer wanted to purchase a gift for her friend who had been expressing a deep craving for some of my jewelry! So, she bought a bracelet for said friend and ordered yet another custom order for herself. She particularly liked this one bracelet, but wanted a slightly different feel, something whimsical, feminine and in muted purple, pink or gray tones.

I have searched through my bottomless pit of materials and am now focusing in on this collection of treasures.

How will it turn out? You'll have to wait and see!

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