What inspires you?

The other night, as I was driving home, eager to start cooking dinner, tummy rumbling, ancy to relax, I pulled myself away from myself for just a moment and saw the sky. Oh man, what an amazing sky. I spent the next few minutes just barely keeping my eyes on the road in awe of this incredible world above me. Looking North, I saw subtle variations of blues mixed with purples, whites and grays. Looking East, those blues became richer and deeper, and towards the West, the sky was golden, brilliant and glowing. To the South exploded billowing clouds, rich in contrast, deep in pinks and blues and bright in whites, crisp edges and a striking illusion of depth. So, try keeping your eyes on the road with all this going on - I kept cursing the fact that I didn't bring along my camera. Fact: Always bring your camera wherever you go!
I finally reached our apartment. I parked and raced inside to get my camera. This is what I saw as I left my building.

The sky had already changed drastically from the moments before when I was driving home. But, I had to attempt documenting what I saw, or at least create a collection of images that allow me to remember the experience, even if they don't resemble the exact beauty I saw while driving. It was still an amazing sight at this time of day. The colors inspired me. The light inspired me. And when I say "inspired me", I mean they literally filled me with energy, a surge of excitement, an eagerness to be in it and to be moved by it.
This canvas circle necklace was created from a mix of inspirations. The soft blue/gray/purple/pinks of the sky and the mossy greens/whites of the forest influenced my color choice. I believe that everything we see, hear, touch, feel and smell stays with us. Whether or not there is a direct connection, they stay with us.


  1. Ah - I love seeing the connection from inspiration to creation. So lovely. What inspires me? The violin students in my grad program when they play ... it is so beautiful. I also love the morning sky in San Diego, I think in Oregon it's probably the same, vast and grey.

    I will write you back soon! I'm sorry I haven't written!


    PS I'm getting my master's in Piano Pedagogy (teaching piano). I am a pianist (who likes blogging/writing)!

  2. I think the beads on this necklace is beautiful.

  3. I really love this necklace!